Why Success at School Loves Khan Academy

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Salman Khan teaching

At Success at School, we're always looking for study resources to recommend to our secondary school readers. With Khan Academy, we've found a world-class resource that can really help students focus in on specific topics.

'It's all about the content'. Read Success at School's full review of Khan Academy.

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Khan Academy is an online learning resource that makes use of video tutorials. Created in 2006 by Salman Khan, the website has thousands of resources that can help you improve your knowledge and understanding of many of the topics on the UK's national curriculum.

Sal Khan came up with the idea for Khan Academy after giving some Maths tuition to his cousin. Shortly after, his other cousins asked for his help and so he started making video tutorials that they could use when he wasn't available. This is our review of Khan Academy:

Simple, easy-to-understand examples

One thing that Khan Academy does really well is explain complicated theories in simple terms. Most of the video tutorials on Khan Academy are narrated by Salman Khan himself and he has a really good way of keeping things down-to-earth.

The videos on the website explain concepts using simple, everyday examples that most students can relate to. By keeping his explanations to-the-point, Sal's videos make a great job of engaging students.

A User-Friendly Resource

A screenshot from Khan Academy's topic pages

When it comes to recommending resources, one of the things that we look for at Success at School is user-friendliness. From the moment that we saw the design of the website, we just knew that we had to write a review of Khan Academy. Their website layout is simple and straightforward and they don't have any external advertisers either, so the website maintains a clean look.

The Khan Academy website is easy to navigate and you can easily find the information that you're looking for within seconds. The videos themselves are presented against a black background in the style of a blackboard and the illustrations that they use are simple and effective.

Lessons cater to all levels and abilities

Regardless of your age or ability, there's something for everyone at Khan Academy. Their resources cater to all levels and all abilities, whether you're looking to learn about trigonometry or basic arithmetic. Whatever level your needs are, you can be sure that Khan Academy's explanations are simple and straightforward.

It’s all about the content

Although Khan Academy does make use of innovative technology, it isn't the technology itself that makes the website's tutorials a success, it's the content. Khan Academy currently creates video tutorials in Maths, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities and Computing.

Each subject is broken down into specific topics, enabling students to focus on areas that they don't understand. This approach makes it easier for students to digest information in small chunks, rather than large topics.

All Khan Academy's lessons are free

That's right, all the video tutorials you'll find on Khan Academy are free. The organisation is non-profit, so any money that the company makes, goes back into the business to continue improving its resources. As a student, you won't be asked for any money when signing up to access their videos, which is a big plus.

All lessons are on YouTube

One of the best things about Khan Academy is that they like to share their knowledge. Rather than restrict their videos to their own website, they also host them on YouTube. What's particularly good about this is that people have the opportunity to share their own thoughts and explanations in the YouTube comments.

Having watched a lot of Khan Academy's YouTube videos, we've found that students are always willing to help others who have questions about the content.

What do you think of our review of Khan Academy? Have you used their website? Did you find it useful? We'd be interested to hear about your experiences of using Khan Academy.

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