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We were curious - we wanted to know which jobs really captured people's imaginations. So we used cold, hard data to find out which careers our users were researching on Success at School.

'Check out Success at School's most popular career paths - and find out how to get there'

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Here's our countdown of the top 5 jobs in our "How to become" section.

Zookeeper with giraffe

As a zookeeper, you may get to share your

lunch with a giraffe...

5. Zookeeper

It's easy to see the appeal of this one. Being a zookeeper is perfect if you're wild about animals - and don't mind a bit of muck. It's hard work in all weathers with a lot of responsibility, and the salary isn't amazing - but it's rewarding work and gives you the chance to build a real rapport with the creatures you care for. You'll need a strong stomach, the ability to work independently and also in a team, a strong work ethic, and good people and customer services skills to help you deal with the guests. You won't need any particular qualifications and you can train on the job or through an apprenticeship.

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4. Chocolatier

Again, you may not be surprised to find the world's tastiest job on the list. The perfect job for the sweet of tooth, with plenty of scope for creativity as well as the chance to sample your wares. A science background (chemistry, in particular) will benefit you here as you mix ingredients to produce new and exciting flavours, and subjects like art and design will help you develop a flair for crafting beautiful chocolatey creations.

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Science lab technician

Science lab technicians carry out experiments

with scientists

3. Science lab technician

We were quite surprised about this one, but this is actually a pretty cool job. You get to help scientists carry out experiments and tests in the lab, across fields as diverse as astrophysics, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and nuclear physics (you will specialise in a particular area). As such, you need strong science skills and knowledge so consider taking all three sciences at A-level, as well as attention to detail, a methodical approach to work and good teamwork skills. You can gain an apprenticeship in this role.

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2. Architect

Runner up - a job that lets your imagination run riot with results you can see and touch and which can change lives. You'll need to go through seven years of training to qualify, during which time you'll learn about the history of architecture, gain a technical background, acquire work experience and develop a specialism. Start with maths and art and design at school to gain the basic skills you'll need to get onto an architecture degree course.

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And the winner is...

Fire engine

Firefighters don't just put out fires and rescue cats -

they help people in all kinds of emergencies

1. Firefighter

An old favourite. Firefighters don't just put out fires and rescue cats, they help people caught up in other emergencies too, including explosions, bombs, building collapses and road accidents. You'll need to be brave, committed, hard-working and in good physical shape, and have great teamwork and problem-solving skills. You'll also need to be adaptable and have the ability to think on your feet. You won't need any particular qualifications, and you will undertake training of between three and four months on the job.

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